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  • Assembly Bill No. 659, the Cancer Prevention Act requires schools to notify families of 6th graders about human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination recommendations.  Schools can use this Template Letter to Parents ​(PDF) and supplemental Robocall Script​ (PDF) to assist in implementation of the Cancer Prevention Act. (See “Materials to Help Implement the Law” under Implementation Tools for translations of the template letter.)​

  • 2023–2024 Audits: Annual financial and compliance au​dits of public schools will include an immunization component for schools with kindergarten or 7th grade. ​​​​

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Tools for Schools

 Guides to Requir​​​​ements


 School and Child Care Roster Lookup (SCRL) Tool  

 COVID-19 Vaccination

  • My Turn, a vaccination clinic management system, is available for use in scho​​ols to support COVID-19 and flu vaccine clinics (PDF).


 Medical Exemptions


How Is Your School Doing?

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   View Maps​​ to see how well-vaccinated
   your school or child care facility is
   compared to others in your area.

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