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California Department of Public Health

September 6, 2022

All Californians

Title 17 Revisions, Section 2500 of the California Code of Regulations

Dear Healthcare Provider Colleagues,

The California Department of Public Health (CPDH), in consultation with the California Conference of Local Health Officers, recently updated Title 17 section 2500 of the California Code of Regulations. Section 2500 specifies that healthcare providers must report all cases of the listed diseases and conditions to the local health department within the specified timeframe. The updated 2500 diseases and condition list is posted on the CDPH Division of Communicable Disease Control website (link: Reportable Diseases and Conditions).

This letter is to inform you of these changes and to remind you of the reporting requirements outlined in this section. These changes, which are in effect now, are summarized below.

Changes to List of Reportable Diseases and Conditions

  • New requirement to report monkeypox or orthopox virus infections within one working day
  • New requirement to report Candida auris, colonization or infection within one working day

We sincerely appreciate your efforts to meet these new reporting requirements. Please contact with any questions.

Thank you,


James Watt, MD, MPH
Assistant Deputy Director
Center for Infectious Disease
California Department of Public Health

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