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Request for Application (RFA)​

Transgender, Gender Nonconforming and Intersex Wellness and Equity Fund ​

Community Care ​​​Grants: Track​ 2 (​23-10736)

Question & Answers​​

​​​*Revised 11/2/2023​

​If the organization serves primarily TGI but their mission names explicitly LGBTQIA+ can they apply for this funding opportunity?
​A TGI-Serving organization mission must center around TGI-serving individuals and serving them as its primary focus. It can focus on other individuals, but the primary focus must be on TGI individuals. Organizations with mission statements that more broadly serve LGBTQ+ persons, but without a primary focus on serving TGI-persons will not qualify for this funding opportunity. 

Are organizations eligible to apply for this funding opportunity if the clinical services housed within a university?   
​This RFA does not fund clinical services.

Given that the grant reviewers won’t be a designated community board, how can we guarantee that the reviewers possess lived experiences? Additionally, will the Technical Assistance Providers helping organizations with their applications also have lived experience?
​CDPH understands the importance of having TGI experience and expertise. The Department is actively working to ensure that there are individuals on the review team that have relevant experience and expertise. Additionally, we are working to contract with a Technical Assistance Provider with deep expertise and experiences serving TGI communities.

Can an organization that applied for/received funding from the Gender Affirming Care Clinical Services Grants also apply for/receive funding from the Community Care Grants?
​Yes, so long as they meet the minimum requirements outlined in the RFA/RFI. These grants are not mutually exclusive.

Will applicants be allowed to submit their applications in Spanish?
​Yes, applicants can submit their application on the Spanish Portal.

If applicants are applying under Track 2, does this mean that their in-depth Technical Assistance will be bi-lingual? Additionally, will they be receiving refinement suggestions in Spanish?


​The technical assistance under Track 2 will be able to be provided in Spanish.


​Is this a cost reimbursement grant? If so, will a percentage of the total award be disbursed up front?


​Payments for this grant will be disbursed on an agreed-upon schedule (monthly, quarterly, etc​). Those payments will require the grantee to invoice CDPH and requires the grantee to be up to date on any requirements in the grant agreement including, but not limited to, progress reports and evaluation activities. We expect to be able to disburse up to 25% of the first year’​s funding upon execution of the grant agreement. 


​Can an organization apply for funds for multiple activities? 


​Yes, applicants may submit a proposal focused on more than one allowable activity. As a reminder, as part of the application assessment process, CDPH will review existing and potential organizational capacity to assess the feasibility of your proposal. Please note that applicants are only permitted to submit one (1) response to this opportunity.​​


​Can an organization do the housing support activities (emergency rent assistance) without being a supportive housing organization? 


​The TGI-Serving Organization is not required to be a supportive housing organization, but must possess the minimum qualifications listed in the RFI and be capable of implementing the program. 


​Can you please expand what is meant by political activities? If my organization has programming that intends to propose a program involving civic engagement and legislation support, is that not allowable?


​State funds cann​ot be used to support or oppose the approval or rejection of a ballot measure, or the election or defeat of a candidate, by the voters. State funds also cannot be used to lobby for or against legislation. Programs promoting civic engagement must fall under allowable activities, but may not support or oppose specific legislation.


​Can LLC’s or S-Corp organizations apply for this funding opportunity? 


​Only organizations with a 501(c)(3) status are eligible to apply for these funds. 

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