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Vaccine Attestations for New Arrivals

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If you are a parolee from Afghanistan, Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua, Ukraine, or Venezuela, part of your conditions for parole require certain medical screenings and vaccinations. This page includes information on required screening and vaccinations and where to receive them in California.

Required Vaccines and Screenings for Parolees from Afghanistan, Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua, Ukraine, and Venezuela 

Within 90 days after arrival to the United States, you must attest to having received:

  • Measles vaccine*

  • Polio vaccine

  • COVID-19 vaccine

  • Tuberculosis screening​

*MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine required for parolees from Afghanistan instead of Measles vaccin​e.

To complete the Afghan Parolee V​accinati​​​on Attestation, visit the Afghan Parolee Vaccination Status page on the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) website.

All parolees from Cuba, H​aiti, Nicaragua, Ukraine, and Venezuela must submit vaccine and tuberculosis attestation in their US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) online account.  

Where to Get Immunizations and Tuberculosis Screenings 

To receive vaccinations and a tuberculosis (TB) screeni​​ng, please use the resources below to find a clinic in your community:

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Refugee Health Assessment Program Clinic ​

The Refugee Health Assessment Program (RHAP) provides a free comprehensive medical exam including vaccines and tuberculosis testing. These assessments are available for newly arrived refugees, asylees, victims of severe forms of human trafficking (federally certified), and other eligible entrants such as those granted humanitarian parole from Afghanistan, Cuba, Haiti, and Ukraine. 

Tuberculosis (TB) Screening Resources

Immunization Resources

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