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ADAP MM 2023-20
December 5, 2023

ADAP Enrollment Workers

Addition of Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) Vaccines to the ADAP Formulary


​ADAP MM 2023-20: Addition of Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) Vaccines​​ to the ADAP Formulary​​​

Effective November 29, 2023, the following RSV vaccines have been added to the ADAP formulary: Arexvy and Abrysvo™.

RSV is a common respiratory virus that usually causes mild cold-like symptoms but can also result in a severe respiratory infection. Older adults and young children are more likely to develop severe RSV which can result in hospitalization and respiratory failure. In 2023, two RSV vaccines (Arexvy and Abrysvo) were approved by the federal Food and Drug Administration for use in adults aged 60 years and older (including adults with HIV). Both vaccines are antigen-based vaccines that generate an immune response to the RSV F protein and protect against the development of severe RSV respiratory disease. Providers are recommended to discuss RSV vaccination with their patients who are 60 years of age and older (including people with HIV) using shared clinical decision making (PDF). The decision to vaccinate should be based on a patient's risk of severe RSV disease, the provider's clinical judgment, and the patient's preferences. Abrysvo is also approved and indicated for use in pregnant people (including people with HIV) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends receiving an RSV vaccine during weeks 32 through 36 of pregnancy during September through January as a method to protect their babies from severe RSV disease.

ADAP management requests that you share this information with your clinical leadership team and local prescribers. A more detailed Dear Colleagues letter from OA, which provides responses to frequently asked questions about influenza (flu), COVID-19, and RSV vaccines for people with HIV is available on our website: Flu, COVID-19, and RSV Vaccines 2023 (PDF). The ADAP drug formulary has been updated to reflect the addition of RSV vaccines.

If you have any questions regarding the addition of these medications to the ADAP formulary, please contact the OA Formulary Specialist, James Vo ( ).

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Joseph Lagrama
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