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ADAP MM 2023-15

ADAP Enrollment Workers

Open Enrollment 2024

​ADAP Management Memorandum 2023-15: Open Enrollment 2024

​The purpose of this memo is to inform ADAP Enrollment Workers of the upcoming Open Enrollment period and the ADAP Open Enrollment webpage. The webpage provides both Enrollment Workers and clients with detailed information on open enrollment, how to sign up for or renew coverage, information on the various insurance assistance programs and the documentation necessary for each program and will provide links to pertinent resources.

Starting this week, the ADAP will begin sending an Open Enrollment flyer with consolidated information to all active ADAP clients who currently do not have comprehensive healthcare coverage or are enrolled into the Office of AIDS Health Insurance Premium Payment (OA-HIPP) Program or Medicare Part Premium Payment Program (MPPP), advising them of the upcoming 2024 Open Enrollment period. It informs clients without insurance how they can apply for health insurance and enroll into one of ADAP's Insurance Assistance Programs (if eligible). It also informs clients who are currently enrolled in the OA-HIPP and MPPP Programs that action may be needed on their part in order to maintain their health insurance and enrollment into an ADAP Insurance Assistance Program.

The flyer will direct clients to the ADAP Open Enrollment webpage for additional details, and links to various resources, such as Covered California, Medicare, and off-exchange health plans. There is also a Spanish ADAP Open Enrollment webpage available.

If you have any questions about the information covered in this memorandum, or need assistance navigating the Open Enrollment webpage, please contact the ADAP Client Services call center at (844) 421-7050 or your ADAP Advisor.

Thank you,

electronic signature of Joseph Lagrama 

Joseph Lagrama
ADAP Branch Chief 
California Department of Public Health
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