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Vital Records Data Applications and Dictionaries

Due to significant staff reduction, please anticipate increased application processing times and delays in email responses. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Effective February 1, 2023, the hourly fee charged for data file creation will increase from $75 per hour to $87 per hour, to conform​ with production staff salaries. In the future, this rate will be re-evaluated each fiscal year and notification will be sent out by Listserv in the event of any change.​

Calif​ornia Department of Public Health ​​​Vital Statistics Applications (CDPH VSA) Submission System

CDPH VSA​ allows requesters to submit online vital statistics applications for Anti-FraudPublic UseContinuing Anti-Fraud or Public Use, California Department of Health Care Access and In​formation (HCAI)​, Business Use Case Proposal (BUCP)Tabular​, ​New ResearchContinuing Res​​earch, and Local Health Department (LHD) data.

CDPH VSA provides requesters access to all previously submitted applications. This allows requesters to review all associated forms and documents, and determine the status of submitted applications and studies. Personnel listed on the application will  have access to the associated study within CDPH VSA.

Once registered within CDPH VSA, requestors are encouraged to review the VSA FAQ and Data Product Guidance Tool to determine the most suitable application and data products for their research purposes.

Anti-Fraud (Birth) - Contains the following variables:

First, Middle, and Last Name, Sex, Date of Birth,  Place of Birth, and Mother’s Maiden Name

Anti-Fraud (Death) - Contains the following variables:

First, Middle, and Last Name, Sex, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Place of Death, Date of Death, Mother’s Maiden Name, Social Security Number, and Father’s Last Name

Public Use (Birth) - Contains the following variables:

First, Middle, and Last Name, Sex, Date of Birth, and Place of Birth

Public Use (Death) - Contains the following variables:​

First, Middle, and Last Name, Sex, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Place of Death, Date of Death, and Father’s Last Name

This application is only to be used by external, non-CDPH applicants. CDPH programs are not permitted to submit for HCAI (formerly OSHPD) data via this application. Please use the BUCP application​ if you are a CDPH program requesting HCAI data.

For California State governmental agencies

  • BUCP Template: please complete this template to the best of your ability, as there are may be fields that may not be finalized at the beginning of the process. ​​​​​

  • Access CDPH VSA to attach and proceed.​​​​​

For custom tabular reports

For use by California Local Health Departments

For use by scientific researchers

For changes to any existin​g application

California Cancer Registry (CCR)​
Researchers may apply to receive death record data linked to the CCR.
For information related to the CCR contact:
Once CCR has supplied project authorizations, access CDPH VSA to submit your application for VSAC ​approval.

Stack of booksData Dictionaries

Note: Please refer to the data source comparison charts posted on Data and Limitations for updated year availability and detailed data source descriptions.


Birth Cohort


    Fetal Death

    Multiple Causes of Death (MCOD)

    • MCOD Layouts are provided by CDC and can be accessed through its website.

    All data dictionaries should be​ filled out completely and all variables justified

    Please contact Health Information and Research Section (HIRS) for assistance if the requested Data Dictionary is not available. HIRS is currently working on updating all of the Data Dictionaries and appreciates your patience during this transition. ​

    Contact Inform​​ation

    Please contact the Health Information and Research Section (HIRS​) at for more information related to data.

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