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Licensing and Certification Program

Estimate Reports

Follow the links below to retrieve PDF versions of the Estimate Reports for individual fiscal years. The Center for Health Care Quality (CHCQ) Estimate Reports project the workload associated with all programmatic functions and the corresponding number of positions needed to perform these functions.

CDPH CHCQ L&C 2024-25​​ May Revision Estimate (PDF)

CDPH CHCQ L&C 2024-25 November Estimate (PDF)​​​​

CDPH CHCQ L&C 2023-24​​ May Revision Estimate (PDF)

CDPH CHCQ L&C 2023-24 November Estimate (PDF, 1.06MB​)

CDPH CHCQ L&C 2022-23 May Revision Estimate (PDF)

CDPH CHCQ L&C 2022-23 November Estimate (PDF)

*If you are interested in viewing documents older than the ones displayed on this page or are having difficulty accessing any document please contact CDPH at  to request the information in an alternate format.        

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