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Primary Care Clinic - Affiliate  
Change of Medical Director 

A State license is required to operate as a Primary Care Clinic (PCC) - Affiliate in California. A PCC – Affiliate  "is a clinic corporation on behalf of a primary care clinic that has held a valid, unrevoked, and unsuspended license for at least the immediately preceding five years, with no demonstrated history of repeated or uncorrected violations or any regulation that pose immediate jeopardy to a patient, and that has no pending action to suspend or revoke its license may file an affiliate clinic application to establish a primary care clinic at an additional site or a mobile health care unit. The clinic corporation (parent clinic) that operates the existing licensed PCC: 1) has submitted a completed affiliate clinic application and application fee; 2) corporate officers are the same; 3) are owned and operated by the same nonprofit organization with the same board of directors; and, 4) have the same medical director or directors and medical policies, procedures, protocols, and standards.", pursuant to Health and Safety Code (HSC) section 1218.1.


A change of medical director is not required to be reported to the Department. Refer to 22 CCR § 75025, HSC § 1212(a), and HSC § 1218.3 for information regarding licensure requirements.

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