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AFL 24-10
February 28, 2024

Hospice Agencies

Senate Bill (SB) 137: Health Omnibus Trailer Bill

​AUTHORITY:     Health and Safety Code (HSC) sections 1751.70 and 1753.1

​All Facil​ities Letter (AFL) Summary

This AFL notifies hospice agencies of the chaptering of SB 137 (Chapter 191, Statutes of 2023) extending the deadline for the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) to adopt emergency regulations for hospice agencies until January 1, 2025, and requires the moratorium on new hospice agency licensure to end on the date of adoption of the emergency regulations.​

​Effective September 13, 2023, the deadline for CDPH to adopt emergency regulations to implement recommendations in the California State Auditor Report 2021-123 on California Hospice Licensure and Oversight (March 29, 2022) report, is extended to January 1, 2025.

The current moratorium on new hospice agency licenses is also extended until the date of adoption of the emergency regulations.

For specific details on the moratorium or emergency regulations, please refer to the following documents:

For questions concerning the licensure moratorium, please email CDPH's Center for Health Care Quality (CHCQ), Centralized Applications Branch (CAB) at

For questions concerning emergency regulations, please email CHCQ's Regulation Development Section at

CDPH's failure to expressly notify facilities of statutory or regulatory requirements does not relieve facilities of their responsibility for following all laws and regulations. Facilities should refer to the full text of all applicable sections of HSC and the California Code of Regulations to ensure compliance.



Original signed by Cassie Dunham

Cassie Dunham

Deputy Director



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