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AFL 23-28
September 14, 2023

Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs)

Select Skilled Nursing Facility Recertification Surveys to be Conducted by CertiSurv


​All F​acilities Letter (AFL) Summary

This AFL notifies SNFs that the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) has contracted with CertiSurv, LLC to conduct recertification surveys and revisits, if necessary, to assist with completing statewide workload.


CDPH’s Center for Health Care Quality (CHCQ) is responsible for ensuring health care facilities comply with state laws and regulations. In addition, CHCQ verifies that health care facilities accepting Medicare and Medi-Cal (in California, Medicaid is referred to as Medi-Cal) payments meet Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) federal certification requirements.

Effective August 17, 2023, through May 14, 2025, CDPH has contracted with CertiSurv to conduct 450 recertification surveys at SNFs located throughout Northern and Southern California. The surveys are unannounced and may be conducted during off-hours (outside regular business hours) and weekends/holidays. ​

During the survey process, the facility must furnish all information that the contract surveyor deems necessary to determine provider/supplier compliance with federal regulations just as if the contract surveyor was a CDPH surveyor.

CertiSurv’s surveyors are Surveyor Minimum Qualification Tested (SMQT’d) and must conduct all inspections in accordance with CMS requirements (PDF). If a deficiency is noted, CertiSurv will provide a copy of the statement of deficiencies to the facility/provider and to CHCQ within 10 working days of exit. CMS will continue to be responsible for any civil money penalties and denial of payments.

If you have any questions regarding the identification or right of access of the contract surveyor, or questions about this AFL, please contact your respective district office.



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Cassie Dunham

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