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AFL 20-56
June 12, 2020

All Facilities

Request for Interest in Serving as a Temporary Manager

​Health and Safety Code section 1325.5

All Facilities Letter (AFL) Summary

This AFL seeks responses from interested parties to potentially serve as temporary managers in SNFs and describes the qualifications for a temporary manager.

​Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) anticipates an increased need to install temporary managers to remedy dangerous and harmful situations at SNFs and NFs. Pursuant to Health and Safety Code section 1325.5 subdivision (b), a temporary manager is appointed as a substitute facility manager or administrator with authority to hire, terminate, or reassign staff, obligate facility funds, alter facility procedures, and manage the facility to correct deficiencies identified in the facility's operation.

CDPH has the authority to appoint a temporary manager pursuant to Health and Safety Code section 1325.5 subdivision (c) when:

  1. the residents of the long-term health care facility are in immediate danger of death or permanent injury by virtue of the failure of the facility to comply with federal or state requirements applicable to the operation of the facility; or
  2. as a result of the change in the status of the license or operation of a long-term health care facility, the facility is required to comply with Section 1336.2, the facility fails to comply with Section 1336.2, and the state department has determined that the facility is unwilling or unable to meet the requirements of Section 1336.2.

Pursuant to Health and Safety Code section 1325.5, subdivision (j), to be eligible for appointment as a temporary manager the candidate must:

  1. Be qualified to oversee correction of deficiencies on the basis of experience and education.
  2. Not have been found guilty of misconduct by any licensing board.
  3. Have no financial ownership interest in the facility and have no member of his or her immediate family who has a financial ownership interest in the facility.
  4. Not currently serve, or within the past two years have served, as a member of the staff of the facility.
  5. Be acceptable to the facility.

CDPH is compiling a list of potential candidates to serve as a temporary manager. Persons meeting the qualifications and interested in being considered for the list, should submit a resume and/or other qualifying documentation to, please include "Temporary Manager" in the subject line.



Original signed by Heidi W. Steinecker

Heidi W. Steinecker
Deputy Director

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