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licensing and certification    

HealthCorp and California Medical Assistance Team (CalMAT) Staffing Resource Cost Per Hour by Classification


Staff ClassificationStaffing Resource
 HealthCorp CalMAT
Physician or Surgeon$91.93  
Senior Psychologist$51.66  
Nurse Practioner$58.12  
Physician Assistant $60.35
Registered Nurse - Med/Surg$45.50 $45.50
Registered Nurse - ICU$45.50  
Registered Nurse - Pediatrics$45.50  
Registered Nurse - Tele/Obs$45.50  
Registered Nurse - ER $45.50  
Registered Nurse - OR$45.50  
Licensed Vocational Nurse$27.25  
Certified Nursing Assistant$20.02  
Behavioral Specialist II$38.25  
Respiratory Therapist$32.06  
Emergency Medical Technician$27.60 $27.60
Paramedic$33.60 $33.60
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