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AFL 06-18
August 18, 2006

All Facilities
Skilled Nursing In-House Training Programs
Nurse Assistant Training Schools

​Responsibility for Nurse Assistant Electronic Fingerprinting

Effective July 12, 2006, Health and Safety Code section 1338.5, subdivision (a)(3), (Chapter 74, Statutes of 2006 (A.B. 1807)) requires those health facilities listed below to arrange for and pay the cost of Live Scan (electronic fingerprinting) service and the Department of Justice criminal clearance processing for nurse assistant applicants for California certification. These health facilities may not pass these costs through to nurse assistant applicants unless allowed by federal law enacted subsequent to the effective date of the statute referenced above. These health facilities will be responsible for costs associated with rolling and processing fingerprints for nurse assistant applicants only. These health facilities are those which:

  • allow non-facility based CNA training programs (private schools, Regional Occupational Program/Adult Education, and community colleges) the use of their facility as a clinical training site; or
  • have facility based CNA training programs, which train nurse assistants; and/or
  • are facilities, which intend to employ nurse assistants who are applying for California certification from other states or countries.

If you have any questions, please contact Ley Arquisola, R.N., Chief, CNA/HHA/CHT Certification Unit at (916) 327-2445 or via email at Thank you for your cooperation and we ask for your patience as ATCS implements this new process.


Original Signed by Kathleen Billingsley

Kathleen Billingsley
Deputy Director

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