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Get the most from your WIC Fruits and Vegetables Benefit!

The California Department of Public Health/Women, Infants and Children Division (CDPH/WIC) has created social media to promote the WIC Fruits and Vegetables Benefit and raise awareness on practical ways WIC families can add fruits and vegetables to meals. The social media shares the value of using both fresh and canned fruits and vegetables, while also highlighting the range of options WIC families can buy with their benefit. The California WIC program aims to educate WIC families about the importance of making healthy food choices for themselves and their families.

Families can use the WIC Fruits and Vegetables Benefit to buy dried fruits, fresh, canned, or frozen fruits and veggies of any type, brand, or combination. Organic fruits and vegetables are also included.

Check the WIC Fruits and Vegetables Benefit webpage for more information.

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Sharing the S​ocial Media

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Social Media

Post 1 - Level up your meals with WIC.

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Post 4 - Are canned fruits and veggies as healthy and fresh? WIC says yes!

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