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2023 National Breastfeed​​ing Month

The California Department of Public Health/Women, Infants and Children Division (CDPH/WIC) has developed a communications toolkit to spread the word about the importance of breastfeeding and to connect families to WIC breastfeeding support. The toolkit includes an electronic newsletter, six social media posts​ and two new videos that can help families to learn more about practical tips and WIC breastfeeding support services.

The contents of this toolkit can be shared to raise awareness around breastfeeding and to connect families to WIC nutrition education and breastfeeding support during and after National Breastfeeding Month.

Breastfeeding observa​​​nces in August and September:

  • World Breastfeeding Week (August 1–7)
  • Indigenous Milk Medicine Week (August 8–14)
  • AANHPI Breastfeeding Week (August 15–21)
  • Black Breastfeeding Week (August 25–31)
  • Lactancia Latina Week (September 5–11)

Additi​​onal Resources

Toolkit Co​​ntents

  1. Social Media
  2. Videos
  3. Newsletter

Social Media

Option 1 - Going Back to Work or School

Option 2 - WIC Breastfeeding Peer Counselors

Option 3 - Going Back to Work

Option 4 - 3 Newborn Feeding Secrets

Option 5 - Every Drop Counts

Option 6 - Breastfeeding on the Go?






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