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MyStory: Stories from the California SIDS Program

In this story series, parents who lost their baby suddenly and unexpectedly share their stories. They want other parents in similar situations to know they are not alone, and that help and resources are available through local public health agencies and the state SIDS Program.

Our Digital Stories
Jenn & James

Jenn and James welcomed baby Aeron into their family in March of 2017. He was a happy baby who Jenn and James lovingly dubbed their silent ninja. 10 months later, Aeron died suddenly and unexpectedly. Jenn and James bravely share their story and how they keep the memory of Aeron alive.


Rayne and his wife, Corey, welcomed twins Redd and River into their family in 2016. Less than two months later, Redd died suddenly and unexpectedly in his sleep. Rayne wrote a poem in honor of his son and shares it here to help other SIDS/SUID parents know they are not alone in their grief.


Anna-Maria has become an advocate for safe sleep, and in this video shares about the loss of her baby, 2-week-old Anna-Rose, as well as the support she got from her SIDS Coordinator/public health nurse and local grief support group. 


Christina carried the guilt of losing 6-1/2 month old Baby Ben for more than a decade before joining a grief support group. Here, Christina shares her journey through the grieving process. She has since become a volunteer group support facilitator, and now helps others deal with infant loss.


Alicia talks about her loss, and also shares the valuable help she got from her SIDS Coordinator/public health nurse and local grief support group, as well as other ways she’s found to cope following the loss of her 7-week-old baby, Melanie.


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