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*Numbers and percents not shown for <10 events. Data not shown for missing race/ethnicity

Data Source

California Department of Public Health, Center for Family Health, Genetic Disease Screening Program, Newborn Screening Data, 2020. 

Prepared by

California Department of Public Health, Center for Family Health, Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health Division


All nonmilitary hospitals providing maternity services are required to complete the Newborn Screening Test Form.  

Note 1: Infant feeding data presented in this report include all feedings since birth to time of specimen collection, usually 24 to 48 hours since birth. 

  • Upon completing the form, staff must select from the following four categories to describe 'all feeding since birth': (1) Only Human Milk; (2) Only Formula; (3) Human Milk & Formula; (4) NPO. 
  • The numerator for "Exclusive Breastfeeding" includes records marked 'Only Human Milk'. 
  • The numerator for "Any Breastfeeding" includes records marked 'Only Human Milk' or 'Human Milk & Formula'. 
  • The denominator excludes cases with unknown method of feeding, cases marked NPO indicating "nothing by mouth" and those receiving total parenteral nutrition (TPN) at time of specimen collection.

Note 2: Excludes data for infants that were in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) nursery at the time of specimen collection.

Note 3: Infant race/ethnicity is based upon mother and father race/ethnicity as reported on the birth certificate and recorded on the Newborn Screening Test Form. Data for individual race groups exclude persons of Hispanic ethnicity. Data for cases with missing race/ethnicity are not shown but are included in the totals.

Note 4: Excludes cases that were not collected by facilities listed as 'Kaiser' and/or 'Regular' maternity hospitals in the newborn screening database.  

Note 5: Data for counties shown in this table include information for all births occurring in a 'Regular' or 'Kaiser' facility providing maternity services in that county. Counties and facilities with fewer than 50 births with known type of feeding are not shown.

Note 6: Data are not shown for less than 10 events. 

Note 7: 95% confidence intervals are shown in parentheses. Confidence intervals were computed using the Wilson Score formula.Newcombe, R.G. (1998). Two-sided confidence intervals for the single proportion: comparison of seven methods. Statistics in Medicine, 17: 857-872.

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