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california birth defects monitoring program

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California Birth Defects Monitoring Program​

The California Birth Defects Monitoring Program ​​(CBDMP) is a population-based registry. It has been an active ascertainment registry since 1982 when the California State Legislature authorized it to collect data on birth defects, stillbirths, and miscarriages. 

​​CBDMP currently monitors over 150,000 births in 10 counties—approximately 30% of the births in California. These births are representative of the state's population. 

The CBDMP registry data are used for ongoing tracking (also called surveillance) to monitor rates and trends of select birth defects. The data are also used to provide pregnancy outcome data for the pregnancy blood samples included in the California Biobank Program.

Program objectives

  • Increase the quality and quantity of California-based birth defect data available for purposes of public health monitoring and investigator-led research
  • Increase communication of birth defects information
  • Monitor public health and safety concerns relating to birth defects​
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