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Radiation (X-ray) Machine Registration FAQs

1. Who is required to register a radiation machine?
Title 17, California Code of Regulations section 30108 requires every person who acquires a radiation machine to register with the Radiologic Health Branch (RHB) within 30 days of the date of acquisition.

2. How do I register my radiation machine?

Please use the online Radiation Machine Registration portal. Please read the instructions on which option to use.  Click on the following links for more information on the following types of radiation machines:

3. How do I determine what type code is appropriate for my machine?

Type code, and its description, is selected and described when using the online Radiation Machine Registration portal.  It is based on machine use.  If you need additional guidance regarding type code selection, please contact us at

4. How can I find out the technical aspects of my machine (e.g., maximum energy or number of tubes)?

Refer to the manufacturer's manual or contact the manufacturer or vendor of the radiation machine.  For additional assistance, please contact us at

5. Am I required to have a radiation protection program (RPP)?

Yes, an RPP is required.  A copy of your RPP must be available at inspection and be furnished upon request.  See our Radiation Protection Program guidance (PDF).

6. When can I start using my radiation machine?

Subject to the requirements of the California Health and Safety Code and Title 17 of the California Code of Regulations, all radiation machines, except for the following, may be used upon installation.

  • Prior to performing mammography, a facility must apply for and receive a mammography machine certificate for each machine.  For more information, visit our Mammography Facilities page.
  • Prior to using radiation therapy machines with energies above 500 kVp, an authorization from the Department must be obtained.  For information on how to apply for the authorization, visit our Therapeutic Facilities page.

7. Do I need to notify the RHB of any changes and, if so, what is the approved method of notification?

Yes, RHB must be notified within 30 days of any change in: the registrant's name, registrant's address, location of the installation, or receipt, sale, transfer, disposal, or discontinuance of use of a radiation machine.

To report changes to your existing registration information, please use the online Radiation Machine Registration portal and only use the Update Registration option.  Additionally:

8. What do I need to do if I bought or sold an existing facility?

If you bought or sold an existing facility that possesses a radiation machine(s), notify RHB within 30 days of the event by using the online Radiation Machine Registration portal and selecting the "Ownership Change" option.  If you have sold a mammography facility, see our Mammography Facility Certification Fact Sheet (PDF) or go to our Mammography Facilities page.

9. How do I dispose of my radiation machine?

See our Removal and Disposal Information page.

10. I sell radiation machines in California. What obligations do I have to the RHB regarding the registration of radiation machines?

Title 17, California Code of Regulations (17 CCR), section 30118, requires that any manufacturer, distributor, retailer, agent, or any other person who sells, leases, transfers, or lends a radiation machine to any person who may be required to register such machine shall notify the RHB no later than 30 days after the end of each calendar quarter of: (1) The names and addresses of persons who have received such machines; (2) The manufacturer and model of each machine; (3) The date of transfer of each radiation machine; and (4) Other related information as may be required by the Department.  This notification can be submitted via email to

Also, section 30118 requires the vendor to inform the receiver of the radiation machine of the registration requirements of 17 CCR, section 30108, which requires every person possessing a reportable source of radiation to register with the Department.  

Lastly, federal regulations require vendors to notify the RHB of every radiation machine they install using the Report of Assembly of a Diagnostic X-ray System (Form FDA 2579).  Form FDA 2579 can be submitted via email to

11. My registration renewal billing notice for my dental X-ray machine is wrong. I am a veterinarian. Why is my machine categorized as a "Medium Priority Radiation Machine" instead of a "Dental Priority Radiation Machine?"

Radiation machines are categorized in accordance with the definitions found in title 17, California Code of Regulations, section 30145.  A Dental Priority Radiation Machine is defined as a radiation machine used exclusively in dental radiography of human beings. Thus, an X-ray machine used by a veterinarian is not a Dental Priority Radiation Machine. Further, it does not meet the definition of High Priority Radiation Machine, or Special Priority Radiation Machine. Therefore, it is classified as a Medium Priority Radiation Machine.

12. As a veterinarian, I use my dental machine for dental procedures in the same way as human dental offices do. My machine should be categorized as a Dental Priority Radiation Machine. Why do I pay a higher registration fee than dentists?

Registration fees cover the cost of registering and inspecting radiation machine users. The Radiation Control Law specifies the criteria for prioritizing the inspection of machines and how often a machine is inspected. In accordance with that law, radiation machines used by dentists (i.e., Dental Priority Radiation Machines) are screened for defects by mail or other offsite methodology not less frequently than once every 5 years, with physical inspection of 50% of those machines determined to be most in need of inspection, to average at least once every 6 years. Inspections of other users occur more frequently and are only physical inspections: High Priority is inspected every 3 years; Medium Priority is inspected every 4 ¼ years; Special Priority is inspected annually. Thus, machines used in dentistry are inspected differently and less frequently than other users making the registration fee for a Dental Priority Radiation Machine lower.

13. Who can I contact regarding registration payment submission or questions regarding registration fees?

Questions regarding registration fees or renewal payment submission should be emailed to  

If your registration information or X-ray machine inventory is incorrect, please email for guidance.

Additional Questions regarding X-ray Machine Registration?  E-mail us at​ or call (916) 327-5106 and follow the prompts to leave a voice message with the appropriate RHB unit.  Along with your inquiry, please provide your full name, facility name, facility number if applicable (FAC #####), and phone number.

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