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Radiation Machine Registration - Non Interactive Forms

Effective June 26, 2024, Radiologic Health Branch (RHB) will no longer issue Certificates of Registration upon initial registration or renewal.

Registration verification is now available through our online registration verification page​.

We strongly recommend using the Online Registration Portal. The following forms, available only on request, require printing and submittal by mail. Please read instructions prior to completing and mailing form.

Submit an email request for the needed form to:​. Identify which form you are requesting. Also, if form submission is related to a change of ownership, please indicate whether you are the new or previous owner.

1. For New Registrations - Request form RH 2261N.

2. For Changes to existing registrations - Request form RH 2261C.

3. For Withdrawal of (e.g., fully terminating) existing registration - Request form RH 2261W.

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