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Hunters Point Naval Shipyard Parcel A Survey

In response to public concern and at the request of the US Environmental Protection Agency, the U.S. Navy, the Department of Toxic Substances Control, and partners from the City of San Francisco, the California Department of Public Health is performing a phased approach radiological survey to assess the health and safety of the public and the environment at Hunters Point Parcel A. The summary of this work to date can be found below, divided into Parcel A-1 and Parcel A-2 sections: 

Parcel A-1

Parcel A-1 Final Report - Frequently Asked Questions (F​AQs)

Radiation Health and Safety Scanning Survey: Parc​el A-1 Final Report and Appendices - FAQs ​

Parcel A-2

Hunters Point: Residential Dust Wipe Procedures

​​Residential Dust Wipe Procedures: FAQs

​To submit questions or comments about this project, please email  ​​

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