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radiologic health branch (RHB)

Limited Podiatric Radiography ​Educational Programs (LPREP)

An LPREP allows a licensed podiatrist to train a medical assistant or other personnel to take X-rays of the lower extremity as long as certain conditions are met. 


The training includes a course in radiation safety approved by the RHB ​that includes instruction in radiation protection and safety, principles of radiographic exposure, quality control, image processing, anatomy and physiology, digital radiography, positioning, and the performance of at least 50 X-ray procedures under supervision.  To be issued an X-ray permit, the trainee must also pass examinations in radiation production and safety, and podiatric radiologic technology.  This permit is called a Limited Podiatric Radiography Permit.


The course must be provided by a licensed doctor of podiatric medicine who holds a current and valid radiography supervisor and operator permit issued by the RHB. The course requires a minimum of 60 hours of education, which may be online​.  Training is limited to a maximum of one year for any one student, and one student per licensed doctor of podiatric medicine. 


For information and/or to obtain an application to become an LPREP provider, please contact the School Certification Unit at​​

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