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Indoor Radon Program 

The Indoor Radon Program, within the Environmental Management Branch, seeks to reduce the health risk from radon exposure by increasing awareness, identifying areas of high radon potential, and encouraging all Californians to test their homes for radon, fix their homes if they have a radon problem, and build new homes radon-resistant. Test. Fix. Save a Life.  

Radon News

January is National Radon Action Month

Free Radon Test Kits for California Residents 

January is National Radon Action Month, and the cold winter months are the best time to test your home for radon. The California Indoor Radon Program is offering free test kits to households in California throughout the month of January, or until supplies run out. The kits are provided by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's State Indoor Radon Grant fund, and are limited to one free test kit per household. Kits will arrive within 2-4 weeks of  ordering. Additional test kits can be purchased through the our partner laboratory's website for $8.45.

Request Your Free Test Kit Online from Our Partner Laboratory

or call our partner laboratory,  Alpha Energy, toll free at 1-800-324-5928 and choose Option 6 to order via telephone.

También puede pedir un juego de la prueba en español.

Visit our Testing Information Page to learn how to use our test kits and how to interpret test results. 

 Any contact information you provide when ordering will be used solely to deliver your test kit and test results, and will not be retained by the program.

Interactive California Radon Potential Map

The California Geological Survey has released an interactive web map providing radon potential information for areas of California with completed radon potential maps. Downloadable GIS data for each study area can now be downloaded through the interactive map.

​​Contact the radon program at (email) or 1-800-745-7236 (telephone).
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