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Registered Environmental Health Specialist Program

Continuing Education Requirements

To renew your Environmental Health Specialist Registration in California, the REHS must complete 24 contact hours of continuing education every two years.  These courses must be approved by REHS Continuing Education Accreditation Agencies. 

Accreditation Agencies 


California State University, Sacramento (CSUS) - Office of Water Programs

     Jamie McCartney, Associate Director (916) 278-6142,

College of the Canyons

     Regina Blasberg (661) 362-5096;

OSHA Training Institute Education Center at Chabot- Las Positas Community College District 

     Cari Elofson-Callahan, (866) 936-6742, 

Southern California Education and Research Center (UCLA and UC Irvine courses)

      Ani Adzhemyan, Program Director (310) 206-2304;

UC Berkeley, Center for Occupational and Environmental Health - Continuing Education (COEH - CE)

      Michelle Meyer (510) 642-8365;

UC Davis Division of Continuing and Professional Education - Land Use and Natural Resources & Occupational Health and Safety

     Monica Jackson, Director, Land Use & Natural Resources, Env. Mgmt.;

     Occupational Health & Safety UC Davis 1333 Research Park Drive Davis, CA 95618

UCLA Extension, Department of Engineering, Information Systems and Technical Management

     Phillip Walstrom (310) 825-7942;

UCLA – Labor Occupational Safety and Health Program (LOSH)

     Lizbeth Diaz  (310) 794-5964;

Cities and Counties

Butte County Public Health Department, Environmental Health Division**

      Elaine McSpadden (530) 538-6773;

City of Long Beach, Department of Health and Human Services, Bureau of Environmental Health**

      Keith Allen (562) 570-4161;

County of Riverside Department of Environmental Health

      Bonnesa Lopez (951) 358-5172

County of San Diego, Department of Public Works, Watershed Protection Program

    Nick del Valle (858) 495-5209;

County of San Luis Obispo Environmental Health Services Division

  Elizabeth Pozzebon (805) 781-5544; 

County of Santa Clara, Department of Environmental Health*

      Mojgan Kazemi, (408) 918-3400,

Fresno County Department of Public Health, Environmental Health Division*

      Richard Heinrichs (559) 600-3357;

Kern County Environmental Health Division

     Chad San Juan (661) 862-8708;

Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, Environmental Health Division

      Recruitment and Training Program (626) 430-5170;

Mariposa County Department of Public Health, Environmental Health Division**

      David Conway (209) 966-2220;

Napa County Environmental Health

     Armeda Simpson-Van Dam, (707) 259-8326, 

Orange County Environmental Health*

      Eileen Kirtley (714) 433-6051;

Placer County Environmental Health

     Danielle Pohlman (530) 745-2390;

Sacramento County Environmental Management Department**

     Mark Barcellos (916) 875-8415;

San Bernardino County Department of Public Health, Division of Environmental Health Services*

      Adela Evans (909) 841-1652;

San Diego County Department of Environmental Health, Food and Housing Division*

      Julie DeGraw (858) 505-6945;

San Francisco Department of Public Health, Environmental Health Branch

      Karen Yu (415) 252-3800;

San Mateo County Environmental Health Division

     Charles Ice (650) 372-6247;

Santa Barbara County Environmental Health Services

      Kendra Wise (805) 681-4938;

Stanislaus County, Department of Environmental Resources

      Karl Quinn (209) 525-6757;

Ventura County Environmental Health*

      Doug Beach (805) 654-3519;


* Currently offering continuing education hours to their employees only. 

** Most continuing education hours are for their employees, but will accept visitors from other counties with prior approval.

All Other Accreditation Agencies

Allstate Services, LLC

    Stacy Milano (951) 232-0868;

American Water Works Association (AWWA)

    William Penn (909) 291-2116;

Arizona County Directors of Environmental Health Services Association (ACDEHSA)

     Andy Linton (602) 506-6971;

Association for Environmental Health Sciences (AEHS) Foundation

     Brenna Lockwood (413) 549-5170;

Bahulogic Diagnostic Solutions (BDS)

      Stephenson Bamidele (562) 365-3542;

California Conference of Directors of Environmental Health (CCDEH)

      Sheryl Baldwin (530) 676-0715;

California CUPA Forum

      Sheryl Baldwin (530) 676-0815;

California Department of Public Health - Food and Drug Branch

    Susan Leaverton (279) 203-5330;


      Melissa Parker (916) 341-6398;

California Environmental Health Association

      Send e-mails to

California Groundwater Association (CGA)

       Dave Schulenberg (916) 231-2134;    

California-Nevada Section, American Water Works Association
     William Penn, (909) 291-2116, 

California Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES)

      Vance Bennett (805) 544-2111;

California Onsite Water Association (COWA)

      Sean Hembree (209) 770-2062;

California Rural Water Association (CRWA)

      Candice Colson (916) 283-8502;

CALINC Training, LLC

      Carla Wroten (707) 446-7996;

Center for Agriculture and Food Security and Preparedness

     Sheri Pugh (865) 974-7884;

Center for Domestic Preparedness

     Carla Endinger (256) 231-5632; 

C.E.R.T., Inc.

      Edward M. Ho (805) 501-8001;

Continuing Challenge Hazardous Materials Workshop

      Terri Tomasello (916) 433-1688;

CPS HR Consulting

      Roxana Gutierrez (916) 471-3317;

Doctrina Organizational Development 

     Lyle Griffiths, (213) 515-6765,

Environmental Health and Safety Training Center at Mission College (EH+S Training Center)

      Rob Gamble (408) 855-5255;

EHS International, Inc.

      Marjorie Del Toro (949) 540-6800 X104;

Forensic Analytical Constulting Services

     Laura Boytz (510) 330-3780;  

Industrial Emergency Council (IEC)

     Tim McHenry (650) 508-9008;

International Board of Medicine and Surgery (IBMS)

      David P. Kalin (813) 966-1431;

Michael Foods, Inc

    Sue Grossbauer (219) 926-1000 ext. 202;

Montgomery Investigations

     Robert B. Montgomery (805) 483-9411;

Mosquito and Vector Control Association of California (MVCAC)

      Rachel Hickerson (916) 440-0826;

National Environmental Health Association (NEHA)      

      Bobby Medina (303) 756-9090 X339;

Network Environmental Systems, Inc. (NES)

      Steve Reichow (916) 353-2360;

Orenco Systems, Inc.

     Shawn Rapp (800) 348-9843;

Pool and Hot Tub Alliance (PHTA)

    Mark Milroy;

Preparedness Consulting & Training Int'l

    Larry Masterman (530) 941-9084;

Rural Community Assistance Corporation (RCAC)

      Steven Palmer (360) 836-5424;

Safety Unlimited, Inc.

      Steven Kosmatka (877) 476-8029;

Your Training Place

      Kathryn Hartman (858) 792-1630; 



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