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california conference of local health officers (cclho)

Mandatory or Recommended Influenza Vaccination of Health Care Workers

Table of LHDs with Mandatory Masking Policies, CA 2017-2018 season (PDF)

Sample Health Officer Orders: Mandatory Influenza Vaccination or Masking of Health Care Workers and/or Public Health Employees

Alameda County and City of Berkeley: Joint HO Orders: Licensed Health Care Facilities (PDF) (August 2013)

Alameda County: Flu Vaccine Information for Clinicians

Contra Costa County: Licensed Health Care Facilities (PDF) (August 2012)

Contra Costa County: Assisted Living Facilities (PDF) (August 2014)

Fresno County: Acute Care Hospitals and Long Term Care Facilities (PDF)  (August 2016)

Placer County: All Health Care Workers (PDF) (September 2017)

San Joaquin County: All Health Care Workers  (PDF) (August 2016)​

San Luis Obispo County: All Health Care Workers (PDF) (August 2017)

Santa Barbara County: All Health Care Workers (September 2017, also includes Frequently Asked Questions and Flu Vaccine Resources page)

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