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California conference of local health officers (CCLHO)

2023 Recomendations

AB 85 (Weber) - Social determinants of health: screening and outreach (PDF)

AB 271 (Quirk-Silva) - Homeless death review committees (PDF)​

AB 437 (Jackson) - ​State government: Equity (PDF)

AB 557 (Hart) - Open meetings: local agencies: teleconferences (PDF)

AB 608 (Schiavo) - Medi-Cal: comprehensive perinatal services​​ (PDF)

AB 1057 (Weber) - California Home Visiting Program (PDF)

AB 1180 (Rodriguez) – Emergency Medical Services​ (PDF)

AB 1168 (Bennett) - Emergency medical services (EMS): prehospital EMS​ (PDF)

SB 10 (Cortese) - Pupil health: opioid overdose prevention and treatment: Melanie's Law​ (PDF)​

SB 38 (Laird) - Battery energy storage facilities: emergency response and evacuation plans (PDF)

SB 234 (Portantino) - Opioid antagonists: schools, college campuses, stadiums, concert venues, and amusement parks (PDF)​

SB 252 (Gonzalez, Stern, and Wiener​) - Public retirement systems: fossil fuels: divestment​​ (PDF)

SB 424 (Durazo) - Medi-Cal: California Children’s Services Program ​​(PDF)​

SB 472 (Hurtado) - Pupil health: opioid overdose reversal medication (PDF)​

SB 544 (Laird) - Bagley-Keene Open Meeting Act: teleconferencing​ (PDF)​

SB 616 (Gonzalez) - Sick days: paid sick days accrual and use: unpaid sick leave for railroad employees​ (PDF)​

SB 674 (Gonzalez) - Air pollution: refineries: community air monitoring systems: fence-line monitoring systems​ (PDF)​​​


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