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Teens and Cannabis

Your Guide for Chatting With Your Teen About Cannabis 

If you have a teenager, now’s a good time to talk to them about cannabis use and the risks. Talking with your child about cannabis use at a young age is one of the best ways that you can help to prevent early experimentation  [1] [2]. On this website, you’ll find a Cannabis 101 section with facts and figures about cannabis. The Cannabis 101 section outlines the health risks and impacts cannabis has on the teenage brain. You can also discover tips, tricks, and ideas for getting the cannabis conversation started.     

Father and Son

Your Teenager Looks Up to You

It may not feel like it sometimes, but you’re still your teen’s biggest influence. By having an open and honest conversation with them about the risks of cannabis use, they’ll be less likely to misuse cannabis in the future.  

What have you heard about weed?Parent with Teen

Tools for Having a Cannabis Conversation

It can be hard knowing how to talk with your teen about cannabis use. But it’s much easier when you have the right tools. Click on the boxes below to get an overview of what cannabis is and what it does to the developing brain. Then, pick up some conversation ideas.  


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