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Modes of Cannabis Use

How Cannabis Is Used

Different methods of cannabis use may be associated with different cannabis effects and outcomes.

Beverages: Teas, sodas, non-alcoholic beer or wine, energy drinks, or other drinks that are made with cannabis. Cannabis infused drinks may affect the user more quickly than edibles.

Blunts: Cigars or cigar wrappers that are partly or completely emptied out and refilled with cannabis. Blunts contain nicotine and may expose users to more carbon monoxide and other harmful chemicals than other forms of smoked cannabis.
Bongs: Water pipes used to smoke cannabis.
Bubblers: Small bongs about the size of pipes.
Dabbing: The process of heating cannabis oils, concentrates (sometimes called wax, budder, shatter or butane hash oil), on a hot surface and inhaling the product through a dab rig, which is a type of pipe or bong. The concentrates used to dab can have THC levels as high as 80%. Recent research suggests that teens who experiment with cannabis by using concentrates may be more likely to become regular or more frequent cannabis users than teens who experiment with other forms of cannabis.
Edibles: Food products that are made with cannabis. Examples include brownies, cookies, gummy bears, ice cream, and lollipops.  Edibles may contain very high amounts of THC and are the main form of cannabis involved in cannabis poisoning among children in California (PDF).
Joints: Cannabis that is rolled in paper and smoked.
Oils: Concentrates of cannabis that are consumed by cooking, baking, or mixing with food.
Pipes: Small handheld tools used to smoke cannabis.
Tinctures: Liquids that contain cannabis extracts that are placed under the tongue for quicker absorption or added to food or drinks.
​​Topicals: Lotions, balms, and oils that are made with cannabis and are absorbed through the skin.
Vaporizers: Products in which cannabis is added to a heating chamber and the vapor is inhaled through the mouthpiece. Vaporizers come in tabletop or portable versions (e.g., vape pens).

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