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Engineered Nanomaterials and Public Health

The California Department of Public Health wants to inform the general public about "engineered nanomaterials" (ENM or nano particles made by people) which are found increasingly in consumer products, construction materials and in the workplace.

Our mission is to:

  • safely and responsibly realize the tremendous potential of nanotechnology for the benefit of society,
  • raise awareness about the uncertainties associated with these materials,
  • find ways to reduce these uncertainties,
  • protect public health from the unintended consequences of their use.

Introduction to Engineered Nanomaterials and Public Health

The slide images below are from a presentation that was given at the 2016 American Public Health Association Annual Meeting on November 1, 2016 by Gabriele Windgasse, Dr.PH, Chief, Site Assessment Section.

Slide showing size comparisons for a nano fiber, pollen, and a human hair

Slide breaking down the lifecycle of engineered nanomaterials and whether workers or consumers are exposed during each stage

Slide listing the uncertainties with nanomaterials in the environment and public health


Summary slide that acknowledges the potential for beneifical uses, while listing data gaps in safety

A PDF copy can be downloaded at this link:
If you have difficulty accessing this presentation or have any questions about it, please call:
Dr. Gabriele Windgasse, Chief, at (510) 620-3610 or email at:
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