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Environmental Health investigations Branch

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Exposure Assessment Section

Exposure assessment evaluates how people may come into contact with environmental contaminants (chemical, biological, or physical agents) and to determine the level of exposure. Information gathered using exposure assessment may be used to evaluate health impacts of exposure and to identify strategies to reduce exposure.

 Exposure Assessment Diagram showing the impact of contaminants on our environment and health.

Figure 1: Exposure Assessment

The Exposure Assessment Section (EAS) investigates environmental exposures to chemical, biological, or physical contaminants that Californians are exposed to every day. People may be exposed to chemicals through many pathways, including air, water, soil, food, and the products we use. Some communities are exposed at higher rates than others, and some people may be more vulnerable to the health effects caused by exposures.

We investigate these exposures, evaluate how health may be affected, and help Californians reduce harmful exposures.


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