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California Conference of Local Health Department Nutritionists (CCLHDN) –

Our Vision

All Californians live in healthy, vibrant, and active communities.

Our Purpose

To build leadership capacity among local health department nutritionists to influence nutrition funding and programs at the local and state levels and serve in an advisory capacity to California Conference Local Health Officers (CCLHO).

Our Values

• Changing community norms toward optimal health
• Health and social equity
• Leadership development
• Evidence-based nutrition practices
• Collaboration
• Sustainable food systems

Our Leadership

The CCLHDN Board oversees all CCLHDN initiatives.  In addition to the Board, CCLHDN has three committees responsible for overseeing member programs and activities, such as the peer exchange, the annual meeting, the newsletter, and more.  If you are interested in hearing more about board or committee participation activities, please contact us.  You can also see who is on the current board and who chairs the three committees by clicking here.

Membership Benefits ​​

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