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Achieving Health Equity: Toward a Commercial Tobacco-Free California, 2021-2022

Objective 7: Counter industries engaged in the manufacture, marketing, sale, and distribution of tobacco and cannabis products

Decades ago, countering the tobacco industry meant fighting a few big cigarette companies. The concept of "industry" now encompasses a wide array of companies that produce a constantly changing lineup of products ranging from combustible and smokeless tobacco and cannabis products including e-cigarettes, hookah, heated tobacco products, and other novel tobacco products. It includes companies that participate in the manufacturing, marketing, sale, import, distribution and retail of these products, as well as trade organizations, front groups, and foundations that act at their behest of the manufacturers and retailers. Because all vaping devices are considered tobacco products under California state law, even when used to consume other vaporized substances,42 industry also includes the companies involved in the manufacture, marketing, sale, import, and distribution of cannabis intended to be vaped. Counter this broader manifestation of the industry to make continued progress toward a commercial tobacco-free California. 

Display of Retail Counter of Tobacco Products

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