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Alzheimer's Disease Program Funding 

State Fiscal Year (SFY) 2020–21

The tables below illustrate funding budgeted by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) for 

SFY 2020-21 related to Alzheimer's disease and related dementias (ADRDs) totaling $11,007,947.

Budgeted CA Alzheimer's Disease Centers
  • Funding: CA State General Fund – Effective 1984 and Ongoing.
  • Purpose: To allocate and administer grants to a statewide network of 10 dementia care centers at university medical schools established to improve dementia health care delivery, provide specialized training and education to health care professionals, and advance the diagnosis and treatment of ADRDs.
Budgeted Alzheimer's Disease Research Awards
  • Funding: CA State General Fund – Effective SFY 2018–19 and Ongoing.1, 2, 3 
  • Purpose: To allocate and administer research grants in connection to ADRDs.
  • Funding: CA State General Fund – Effective SFY 2019–20 and  Ongoing.4 
  • Purpose: To allocate and administer research grants in connection to ADRDs with a focus on women and communities of color.
  • Funding: Tax Check-Off ADRDs Research Fund – Effective 1984 and Ongoing.5
  • Purpose: Allows taxpayers to designate a specified amount on state tax returns (in excess of tax liability) to be transferred to the CDPH ADRDs Research Fund.
Budgeted CA Healthy Brain Initiative State and Local Public Health Partnerships


Alzheimer's Disease Program Description

The CDPH ADP was established pursuant to Assembly Bill 2225 (Chapter 1601, Statutes of 1984) and was expanded pursuant to Senate Bill 139 (Chapter 303, Statutes of 1988). The mission of the ADP is to reduce the human burden and economic costs associated with ADRDs, and ultimately to assist in discovering the cause and treatment of this disease.

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Table References:

1 As part of the 2018 Budget Act, the CDPH ADP received $3,115,000 on an ongoing basis.

2 In State Fiscal Year (SFY) 2020–21, $22,638 of the $3,115,000 is allocated towards the Alzheimer's Disease Burden Report (#18-10623) in accordance with SB 1292.

3 In SFY 2020–21, $494,000 of Tax Check-Off ADRDs Research Funds is allocated to the CDPH Alzheimer's Disease Research Awards executed in 2018–19

4 As part of the 2019 Budget Act, CDPH received $3,000,000 on an ongoing basis; $300,000 is allocated each SFY for State Operations.

5 As part of the SFY 2019 Budget Act, $45,000 was approved to be shifted from the Tax Check-Off ADRDs Research Fund, Local Assistance to State Operations on an ongoing basis to pay for the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) Cognitive Decline module associated with cognitive function and effects on daily living.

6 As part of the SFY 2019 Budget Act, CDPH ADP received one-time General Fund expenditure authority of $4,500,000 to allocate grants to up to six local health jurisdictions over three SFYs from SFY 2019–20 to SFY 2021–22.

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