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what is public Health?

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What is Public Health?

Public health professionals work to improve the health of families and communities by promoting healthy lifestyles, preventing disease, and removing environmental dangers. The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) in collaboration with your county public health office oversees a variety of research, response and prevention programs to protect your health.

CDPH Professionals Provide Many Services:

  • Preventing the spread of diseases like COVID-19, Ebola, flu, mpox​ and Z​ika by monitoring and tracking epidemics.
  • Certifying and licensing various health facilities and professionals to ensure individual and community safety.
  • Collecting and using data, technology and innovation to eliminate poor health outcomes that impact our most vulnerable populations.
  • Processing vital records such as birth, marriage and death certificates.
  • Educating families on the proper use of seatbelts, helmets and child seats.
  • Planning the State's response to disasters such as major floods and earthquakes.
  • Monitoring food born illness outbreaks.
  • Promoting healthy lifestyles through programs like Champions for Change ( Nutrition and Obesity prevention programs), health screenings for new moms and babies, nutrition programs for Women Infant and Children (WIC) and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

​Public Health is the driving force behind these services and provides a safety net for our communities.​  ​​​

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