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Add Vaccines to Your Back-to-School Checklist, Find Out Which Vaccines Your Child May NeedAdd Vaccines to Your Back-to-School ChecklistVaccinating our children helps protect their health for years to come. Plus, when we all do our part, it keeps the entire community healthy.#0072C6
Don’t Give Mosquitoes a Biting Chance, Fight the Bite with RepellentDon’t Give Mosquitoes a Biting ChanceSummer is West Nile virus (WNV) season, and while anyone can get WNV, older adults and those with weakened immune systems are at higher risk of getting very sick.#0072C6


Mpox Cases are on the Rise Again

Get vaccinated and help slow the spread.

Find a ​vaccin​e ​​​​s​ite.

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California’s Opioid ResponseCalifornia’s Opioid Responsehttp://cdph-default/PublishingImages/homepage/tt-opioids.jpg, California’s Opioid Response, Find Resources
Drowning PreventionDrowning Preventionhttp://cdph-default/PublishingImages/homepage/WaterSafety.jpg, Little boy swimming in a pool with big orange noodle., Keep Kids Safe in the Water
CDPH is Monitoring H5N1 Bird FluCDPH is Monitoring H5N1 Bird Fluhttp://cdph-default/PublishingImages/homepage/chickens.jpg, Poultry, See the Latest Updates



Vital RecordsVital Records ​ ​​​, Start Lookinghttp://cdph-default/PublishingImages/homepage/2-vital-records.png, Birth certificate type image with 2 footprints#2E8540
Pregnancy & Reproductive HealthPregnancy & Reproductive Health ​​, Get the Factshttp://cdph-default/PublishingImages/homepage/doctor.png, Dr wearing a stethoscope & holding a clipboard#EB6E1F
Respiratory Virus Dashboard​Respiratory Virus Dashboard​ ​​​ http://cdph-default/Programs/CID/DCDC/Pages/Respiratory-Viruses/RespiratoryDashboard.aspx, Learn Morehttp://cdph-default/PublishingImages/homepage/2-f-o-p.png, Outline of 5 bodies standing in a row#721571
California Health Alert Network (CAHAN)California Health Alert Network (CAHAN)http://cdph-default/Programs/OPA/Pages/CAHAN/CAHAN.aspx, Browse Informationhttp://cdph-default/PublishingImages/homepage/1x-2-cahan.png, Image of the state of CA and a megaphone#0071BB
Certificates, Licenses, Permits & RegistrationsCertificates, Licenses, Permits & Registrations ​​, Find What You Needhttp://cdph-default/PublishingImages/homepage/2-clpr.png, Stack of papers#2E8540