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The Emergency Preparedness Office (EPO) coordinates overall emergency planning and preparedness efforts for the California Department of Public Health.

EPO plans and executes the following activities to prepare Californians for public health emergencies:

  • Oversees statewide public health disaster planning
  • Distributes and oversees funds to local health departments for disaster planning
  • Operates and maintains the California Health Alert Network (CAHAN)
  • Maintains and manages the Medical and Health Coordination Center (MHCC)
  • Collaborates with partners to develop the Statewide Medical and Health Exercise
  • Coordinates planning for the Strategic National Stockpile


EPO's Be Prepared webpage provides information on disaster planning and is designed to assist Californians in preparing for catastrophic threats to public health. EPO serves the state's local health departments by coordinating statewide Emergency Planning and Response; Risk Communications and Professional Trainings; Policy and Coordination; Program Administration; the 24-hour Duty Officer Program; web and Geographic Information Systems.

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