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California Parkinson’s Disease Registry

California Health and Safety Code (HSC) 103870-103870.2 requires healthcare providers diagnosing or providing treatment to Parkinson’s disease patients to report each case of Parkinson’s disease to the California Department of Public Health beginning July 1, 2018. The Richard Paul Hemann California Parkinson’s Disease Registry (CPDR) is a statewide population-based registry that will be used to measure the incidence and prevalence of Parkinson’s disease. 

Surprisingly, little is known about how Parkinson’s disease is distributed among different population groups and whether the patterns of disease are changing over time. California’s large and diverse population makes it ideal for providing important information about this disease. CPDR will expand our understanding of Parkinson’s disease to ultimately improve the lives of those affected.


Breaking News Parkinson's Disease Biomarker Found

​Landmark Moment in Search for Parkinson’s Biomarker

The Michael J. Fox Foundation announced the most significant breakthrough to date in the search for a Parkinson’s biomarker: a highly accurate biological test for Parkinson’s disease. The test is capable of objectively and reliably detecting the disease at the molecular level — even before the onset of symptom​s.​

This is the first biomarker capable of identifying people with Parkinson’s, or those at risk for Parkinson’s, through abnormal alpha-synuclein — the hallmark protein that misfolds in Parkinson’s — in the living brain.​​​​​​


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PROGRAM UPDATE (March 2024):  The Data Disclosure Policies and Procedures (pdf) from the California Parkinson’s Disease Registry are now available. Mandated reporting of Parkinson's disease cases will continue through 2024 and beyond in accordance with Assembly Bill No. 133. If you are a provider and have not yet submitted case information to the registry, it is not too late. CPDR will continue to accept case reports from previous reporting periods. The upcoming deadlines for 2024 and beyond are presented below.


Data Submission Deadlines:

​Date of Patient Encounter*

​Submission Deadlin​e 

(Is the last day of each month)









​ ​*For inpatient settings, the discharge date may be used as the date of the patient encounter. 

Note:  CPDR will continue to accept case reports from previous reporting periods.


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