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Project Firstline Training Toolkit for Environmental Services (EVS) Staff ​

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​How to Use This Toolkit 

Training educators at SNF or staff at LHD may use Project Firstline materials for new staff orientations, in-services, on the spot trainings, and more. Materials can be shared in a number of ways not limited to the following: 
  • Use the slides and corresponding scripts to provide staff with a live, interactive presentation 
  • Engage your staff with activities, worksheets, and demonstrations  
  • Extract key messages from the material to incorporate in your organization’s existing trainings and communications for staff 
  • LHD or corporate entities may wish to convene jurisdiction-wide events.  

Plan Your Curriculum  

The Project Firstline EVS trainings consist of 4 modules, each designed to provide 15–20 minutes of training content. All modules include prompt questions throughout to engage EVS in a conversation, and additional instructor checklists and activities for added hands-on training. 
Download the full CDPH Project Firstline EVS Toolkit Implementation Guide​ (PDF). 

Training Modules 

Training modules are stand-alone presentations that build upon each other. We recommend providing all four training modules to your staff in the order listed below, then using the modules in any order to provide follow-up training. Each section below includes a brief description, curriculum slides with presenter notes, pre- and post-training questions, an instruction checklist with demonstration prompts, and sample hands-on activities.​
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