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Work-Related Asthma Prevention Program (WRAPP)

Healthy Cleaning & Asthma-Safer Schools: A How-To Guide

Healthy Cleaning and Asthma-Safe Schools Guide coverThe how-to guide explains how to switch to asthma-safer cleaning in simple, manageable steps. Ready-to-use tools and forms will help districts progress through each step, including publicizing safer cleaning successes within the school community. The guide also offers resources about green cleaning, asthma, and disinfection.


Healthy Cleaning & Asthma-Safer Schools: A How-To Guide (PDF, 2.5MB)– full guide with appendices

Customizable appendices – links to modifiable documents

Cleaning Product Inventory--Appendix D (Word, 1.92 MB)

Worksheet—Selecting Which Products to Test--Appendix E (Word)

Sample Vendor Letter--Appendix H (Word)

Vendor Evaluation Form--Appendix I (Word)

Asthma-Safer Cleaning Product Evaluation Form, English and Spanish--Appendix J (Word)

School Newsletter--Appendix K (Word)

Press Release for Local Newspaper--Appendix L (Word)

Green, Healthy, and Asthma-Safer Schools Cleaning Model Policy--Appendix M (Word)

Resolution on Asthma-Safer and Greener Cleaning--Appendix N (Word)

Information Sheet—Why Can't I Bring in Disinfectants or Other Products from Home?-- Appendix O (Word)

Certificate for Custodians--Appendix P (Word)

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