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Work-related Asthma Prevention Program

Important Points Regarding Disinfectant Use in Schools

Microfiber Use Reduces the Risks of Chemical Exposure

Using microfiber to clean can minimize exposure to harmful chemicals found in disinfectants. Download our Cleaning with Microfiber handout (PDF) to learn more.

  • Only custodians or other trained staff should use disinfectants.
  • Disinfect only when necessary, such as when required by the health department, health code, or regulations.
  • Avoid ingredients that are not safe for asthma, like bleach, ammonia, quaternary ammonium compounds (benzalkonium chlorides), and acetic acid (found in vinegar).
  • Follow the label exactly for a disinfectant to work properly. Using a disinfectant for less time than specified on the label exposes school staff and students to chemicals in the product but may not disinfect the surface.
  • By law, you must keep disinfectants out of students' reach. Disinfectants should never be used by children or to clean skin, including hands.

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