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Work-related Asthma Prevention Program

Cleaning for Asthma-Safe Schools Microfiber Challenge

In 2019, California schools applied to get microfiber cloths for simple cleaning tasks like dusting and wiping desks after snack time or art projects.

Using cleaning products and disinfectants in the classroom can cause or trigger asthma.

Routine cleaning with microfiber safely removes dust, dirt, and germs without exposure to chemicals or disinfectants.

To encourage healthier cleaning in the classroom, CDPH created the Cleaning for Asthma-Safe Schools Microfiber Challenge. Teachers, schools, and school districts received safer cleaning guidance (PDF) and 10-30 microfiber cloths per classroom. We ask teachers to briefly document their efforts and/or successes.

The Work-Related Asthma Prevention Program produced a video showing how teachers use this simple, safe, and effective cleaning alternative in the classroom. Narration covers California laws and regulations about using sanitizers and disinfectants.


Now-March 1, 2020

We are asking schools to briefly document their efforts and/or successes with microfiber. Teachers can submit a video clip (90 seconds max), student artwork, 5 to 10 photos, ½-page essay, or other creative format capturing one or more of the following:

  • Successes: Where you use microfiber, what you like about microfiber, how you washed the cloths, how the project changed classroom cleaning, or some other success.
  • Asthma safer-cleaning: How cleaning with microfiber has had a positive effect on a student or staff member with asthma.
  • Reducing chemicals: How you minimize chemical use by cleaning with microfiber.

Examples: Submit a student's drawing showing where your classroom now cleans with microfiber or send in a ½ page paragraph on how you minimize chemical use in the classroom.

Cleaning for Asthma-Safe Schools Microfiber Challenge Resources

We created the following materials for you to download and print. You can also request copies in the mail by contacting us at

Microfiber Challenge Flier (PDF) – overview and application details

Information about microfiber for:

Important Points Regarding Disinfectant Use in Schools

Additional Resources

Cleaning for Asthma-Safe Schools (CLASS) - web page

Check out our work with facilities/maintenance and operations in schools and cleaning:

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