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School-Located Vaccine Events

The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) is committed to providing guidance and support for school-located vaccine events (SLVEs) as effective mechanisms for protecting students from disease and keeping them in school. Schools are environments in which children feel safe, seen, soothed, and secure, which can improve the immunization experience.  SLVEs can be conducted by various partners which include local health departments, pharmacies, community-based organizations, and academic institutions. 

Benefits of School-Locate​d Vaccination Include:

  • The ability to immunize large numbers of students in a short time frame in a familiar environment.
  • Decreasing illness-related absenteeism for students and missed work for teachers, school staff, and families.
  • Reducing barriers to underserved students by making vaccinations convenient and accessible.
  • Lowering disease transmission and hospitalization rates in surrounding communities.
  • Increasing coverage of school-required immunizations and keeping students up to date on all recommended vaccines.
  • Relieving the seasonal burden on providers, such as in preparation for the new school year or flu season.

Share You​​r Experience​

Tell us about your SLVE 

Tell us about your successes and challenges by completing this SLVE Survey. Your input helps shape a comprehensive effort in CA to improve SLVEs, making them more accessible, impactful, and beneficial for our communities.  ​

Vaccine Access Issues? 

It helps us develop better resources and programs when we are aware of general vaccine access issues. If you have noticed anything in your community that is affecting access to vaccines, tell us about it in this Access​ Survey

SLVE Training Module 

Interested in conducting SLVEs?
Start by checking out the School-Located Vaccine Events (SLVEs) Training Module.

School-Located Vaccine Event Training Screen Capture 

Training Module Resources

Document Name
Document Description
Location in SLVE Module
SLVE Action Plan (Word*)
Editable checklist that mirrors the training module to help coordinators plan, organize, and promote SLVEs. 
Slide 5

CA Health Officer
Letter of Support for SLVEs

Letter by CA Director of Health and Health Officer for school leadership providing guidance and support for SLVEs. 
Slide 7
Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) (Word*) and
Facility Use Agreement (FUA) Samples (Word*)
Examples of Memoranda of Understanding or Facility Use Agreements that may be required by a school.
Resource tab only
SLVE Cost Guide 
Guide explaining the primary costs associated with SLVEs.
Slides 10 and 22
SLVE Promotional Toolkit ​(Word*)
Comprehensive toolkit containing templates, samples, and suggestions to successfully promote vaccination events at school.
Slide 12
SLVE Sample Vaccination Area Setups (PDF)
Examples of how to set up a room for vaccinations.
Slide 14
SLVE Incentive Resources (PDF)
Ideas for mindful partnering to incentivize vaccination.
Slide 17
Sample SLVE Registration/Consent Form for Flu/COVID-19 Vaccine Events 
Adolescent Vaccine Events (Word*)

Sample registration and consent forms that can be modified based on vaccines offered at SLVEs. 

Slide 18
SLVE Student Identification Protocol (PDF)
A sample protocol that can be used if vaccinating at school without parents/guardians present to verify student identity.
Slide 22
SLVE Evaluation Survey (Word*)
A sample post-event evaluation tool to gather feedback regarding events.
Slides 20 and 21
SLVE Vaccine Documentation Sticker Template​ (Word*)​
​Editable vaccine documentation sticker template
​Additional Resource
SLVE Event List Template (Word*)​

Sample template list for upcoming events to share with Local Health Department and/or schools.​
Additional Resource

Job Aids

Let us know how effective the training module resources and job aids were.
Email us at and share your feedback.

SLVE Toolkits


  • SLVEs: Resources and Electronic Registration using My Turn – We​binar 04/2024 ​
  • SLVE Sharing Lessons Learned and Best Practices Webinar 10/2021
  • SLVE Best Practices for Health Departments Webinar 9/2021

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