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Immunization Law Training for
School Staff (TK–12th Grade)

Welcome to free online training for schools TK–12th grades! ;These interactive modules are designed to support your efforts in implementing school immunization requirements.​

Please see the list of training modules and objectives below. Click on the links to begin.

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 Image of school staff thinking “High immunization rates help prevent the spread of infectious diseases

Module 1: Getting Started (7 mins)

  • Understand your role and identify resources

Module 2: California School Immunization Requirements (12 mins)

  • Define required vaccination abbreviations and names
  • Determine if students have received the number of doses required for each immunization

Module 3: California School Admission Requirements (15 mins)

  • Define unconditional and conditional admission
  • Define permanent medical exemption and temporary medical exemption
  • Determine if requirements are met for unconditional admission
  • Determine if requirements are met for conditional admission

Module 4: Processing School Immunization Records Part 1 (8 mins)

  • List the steps to process immunization records
  • Practice using the four steps to process student immunization records

Module 5: Processing School Immunization Records Part 2 (19 mins)

  • Identify student school immunization records that fall into the six reporting categories
  • Process international students and other transfers such as homeless and foster students

Module 6: Following Up on Conditional Entrants (24 mins)

  • Process school immunization records with multiple follow-up dates.
  • Follow up for continued attendance

 Modules 7 & 8: Reporting Immunizations (updated August 11, 2023)​

TK/Kindergart​​en (21 mins)
7th Grade (18 mins)

  • Gather information necessary to report school/pre-k immunization information.
  • Complete the Immunization Assessment Worksheet.
  • Report your immunization information on the reporting website.

    If you viewed the trainings in the past, you may need to delete your browser history to view the updated modules.

  • ​​Understand the basics about medical exemptions and the CAIR-ME website
  • Know what to do when you receive a medical exemption form
  • Know how to verify a medical exemption in the CAIR-ME website​​

Interested in conducti​​ng SLVEs?

Module 10: School-Located Vaccine Events​

  • Describe the benefits ​of school-located vaccination
  • Identify everyone who might be involved and resources needed to conduct an SLVE
  • Identify general issues with planning and executing an SLVE​

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For Instructors

Set up your own in-person training for school staff to reinforce what they’ve learned from ​the online training modules. The customizable presentation includes a brief recap of requirements and updated student scenarios for hands-on practice of processing Blue Cards.​​

Elementary School Resources

7th–12th Grade Resources

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