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CAIR Hub School & Child Care Roster Lookup (SCRL) ​​Facts and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1.  What is SCRL?  

The School and Child Care Roster Lookup (SCRL)  is a tool that can determine whether or not a studentCAIR squirrel meets all immunization requirements to enter school or child care. SCRL (we like to call it squirrel) looks at immunization data in the California Immunization Registry (CAIR2) and uses the pre-K or K–12 immunization requirements to determine which students are up to date and can be admitted and which students are overdue (and for which shots). In other words, SCRL is a tool that makes immunization record checking of children easy for schools and child care facilities.

2.  How does SCRL work?

SCRL works by looking at lists of students or students individually. You can upload a student roster list from your student information system or build a list on your own and submit it to SCRL. SCRL looks at data from the California Immunization Registry (CAIR2) and quickly returns the immunization status for each child on your roster found in CAIR2, using pre-K or K–12 immunization requirements, so that you can easily see which students are up to date and which students may be behind on their immunizations. SCRL can print Blue Cards (the California Student Immunization Record) from within the Vaccination History or roster file pages for students. The SCRL tool can also help you create lists of students that need follow up because they are either overdue or have been admitted conditionally for their grade, making immunization tracking much easier for you.

SCRL can also easily look up the immunization status of individual or prospective students.

3.  Who can use SCRL?

SCRL can be used by the child care and school personnel throughout California who are normally tasked with checking immunization status of students to admit them into school or to report immunization data to the California Department of Public Health (CDPH). Staff at schools and child care centers by CA law are only allowed to see immunization information that is related to school or child care entry requirements.

4.  If I’m in a RIDE county, can I still use SCRL?

Yes. Schools that have traditionally accessed the Regional Immunization Data Exchange (RIDE) (in counties of Alpine, Amador, Calaveras, Mariposa, Merced, San Joaquin, Stanislaus, and Tuolumne) can also use SCRL because data from RIDE is uploaded into CAIR2 in near real time on a daily basis.

5.  Do school or child care sites need both CAIR2 and SCRL access?

No. Schools and child care sites only need SCRL access.

6.  How does a school or child care facility get started using SCRL?

Any site wanting to use SCRL starts by registering in CAIR Hub and then getting access to SCRL. Click on the Register button at the top of the CAIR Hub page or see the step-by-step guide (PDF) for enrollment located on the home page.

7.  How is CDPH ensuring that only school staff have access to SCRL?

Just like joining CAIR2, CAIR Hub has a vetting process to ensure that only those personnel who should be using SCRL can do so. Users can either be invited by the school or child care site where they work or can join on their own after going through a verification process.

8.  Is SCRL connected with CAIR Medical Exemptions?

Not currently. The California Immunization Registry Medical Exemption (CAIR-ME) web site is a secure site for physicians to issue and manage standardized medical exemptions for children in school or child care. Parents use the same site to request medical exemptions from vaccination for their children. Schools and child care facilities use the site to monitor and get updates for medical exemptions issued for children in attendance. For information about CAIR-ME, please contact or see Exemption FAQs (

9.  What is AB 1797 and how does it affect SCRL?

AB 1797 is a bill that requires all health care providers to enter all administered vaccines into a California Immunization Registry (there are currently two immunization registries in CA, CAIR2 and RIDE) starting January 1, 2023. More information about this bill is posted with our AB 1797 FAQs. As time progresses and information in immunization registries becomes more complete, it will mean that data from SCRL will also become more complete, making it easier for school or child care staff to check the immunization status of their students.


10.  Where can I learn more about SCRL and how to use it?

Additional information about SCRL functionality is found in the FAQs about how to use SCRL, or in this training video.

For further assistance about SCRL items that were not covered from this fact sheet or linked resources, please contact the CAIR  Hub Help Desk at  or call 800-578-7889.​


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