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healthcare-associated infections (HAI) program

Long-Term Acute Care Hospital (LTACH) Antimicrobial Stewardship (AS) Workgroup ​​

Region(s) served: Statewide (Cohort 1 Region: Northern California, Cohort 2 Region: Los Angeles County, and Cohort 3 Region: Southern California (excluding Los Angeles County))
Project dates: February 2022–July 2023


The CDPH HAI Program and local health departments have partnered to convene a 1.5 year-long project to support antimicrobial stewardship programs (ASP) in LTACHs. The LTACH AS Workgroup aims to support and equip California LTACHs with tools to appropriately use antimicrobials to prevent resistance and safely care for their patients. Facilities are supported in designing an AS intervention focused on the AS core elements through materials and training during quarterly virtual workgroups and one-on-one mentorship calls with the CDPH HAI Program Infectious Disease Pharmacist. Workgroups serve as an opportunity for facilities to discuss and share best practices, challenges, and lessons learned regarding implementing core elements and interventions with a network of regional LTACHs. LTACHs are also able to engage with ventilator-equipped skilled nursing facilities (vSNF) in their referral network through workshops focused on supporting interfacility communication and coordination of infection prevention and control measures. 

Goals and Objectives

To prevent the emergence of MDRO and other collateral effects associated with the overuse of antimicrobials, participating facilities will: 
  • Design one AS intervention at each facility that includes a monitoring plan
  • Apply to the CDPH HAI ASP Honor Roll as a new member or upgrade designation if applicable
  • Build relationships with local health departments, other participating LTACHs, and vSNFs in their referral network

Participating Facilities and Organizations

  • 24 LTACHs 
  • Local health departments including Orange, San Bernadino, San Diego, Riverside, Sacramento, Stanislaus, San Francisco, and Los Angeles counties


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