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 Cal​REDIE Help 

CalREDIE Help refers to the resources available to CalREDIE users to facilitate their use of the system.
The CalREDIE team is committed to providing the best level of support for all CalREDIE users and stakeholders. Help Desk staff, located in Sacramento, provide the following services:

  • Technical support via email and phone to all CalREDIE users
  • New account request creation and updates to existing accounts
  • Communications to CalREDIE users, including notifications of system modifications, training opportunities, and information about various resources

New and current CalREDIE users can find information here on how to obtain an account, request training, and access documentation such as the CalREDIE user guides and reference materials. Users can also find valuable forms including: the Patient Merge Request Form, Location & Report Source Dictionary Request Form, and the ELR Issue Reporting Template. This page is updated frequently, and we encourage CalREDIE users to bookmark it and refer to it often.​​

Ca​lREDIE Training & Reference Materials

​Training resources, and materials for CalREDIE users can now be accessed directly in the ‘Courses’ and ‘Videos’ sections below.

User Guides & Reference Materials
  • CalREDIE User Guide (PDF,​​ 3.49MB) Jun 2019 - Basic information on CalREDIE functionality. This version is out of date. See the CalREDIE Document Repository for the most up-to-date version.

If you are having difficulty accessing this document please contact CDPH at 1866-866-1428 or to request this information in an alternate format. ​

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