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healthcare-associated infections (hai) program

​Core Infection Prevention & Control (IPC) Practices​ ​​

This page is a collection of resources and tools meant to support your understanding of Core IPC practices. These are fundamental practices that should be present in Healthcare Facilities (HCF) to provide safe patient care and for the protection of Healthcare Providers (HCP). Infection Preventionists (IP), or other personnel tasked a similar role, should master their understanding of these practices. This knowledge will assist you in completing onsite IPC assessments.

Key ​IPC Resources

Hand Hygiene

Soapy hands being washed

​CDPH Res​​​​ources 

Train the Tra​​​in​er

Evaluation and Feedback (Adherence Monitoring)

Other Resources from our Partners

​Standard Precautions

Standard Precautions: hand hygiene, cleaning, sharp safety, respiratory hygiene, PPE and device processing

​CDPH Resources

Other Resou​rces from our Partners

Transmission-Based Precautions (Isolation)

Donning gloves

​CDPH Re​​sources

Evaluatio​n and Feedback (Adherence Monitoring)

Other Re​​sources from our Partners

​Environmental Cleaning​

Cleaning supplies

​CDPH Reso​urces

Evalu​​ation and Feedback (Adherence Monitoring) 

Ot​​​her Tools:

Ot​​her Resources from our Partners

Injection Safety​​​

Syringe implying injection safety

​CDP​H Resources

Train​​ the Trainer 

Eva​luation and Feedback (Adherence Monitoring) 

Other R​​​esources from our Partners

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