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Immunization Reporting

All California schools and pre-kindergarten (child care/preschool) facilities are required to assess and annually report the immunization status of their enrollees.

Reporting Site

Reports must be submitted by December 22, 2023.

The website has moved to the CAIR Hub which requires a registration process.
Note: reporting includes Pre-K, TK/K, and 7th grade (not 1st or 8th) in 2023–2024. Reports for all grades are submitted at the same website.

If you already have a CAIR Hub account for accessing SCRL, use your same login info.

Troubleshooting Tip: If you try to register a few times and do not receive a verification code or the code does not work, enter your email address again, enter a password in the “Enter Password” and “Confirm New Password” fields, and then click “Send new code.” If a code is sent to your email address this time, then you can use the code to continue.​

Prepare for Reporting

Data and Reports
    The reporting data submitted by schools and child care facilities is compiled into summary reports and data files each year. The reports measure compliance with the school immunization law across California and by local jurisdictions. 

Reports by Grade:

How Is Your School Doing?

    View Maps to see how well-vaccinated your school or child care facility is compared to others in your area.​
Online Training
    Learn how to gather information necessary to report immunization information, complete the Immunization Assessment Worksheet and report your immuniza​tion information on the reporting website.

Reporting Website Webinars

These recorded webinars demonstrate how school staff and child care facilities will register and login to the new immunization reporting site and submit students’ immunization status.​

School Personnel 10/4/23

​​​​​Child Care Personnel 10/11/23


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