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Immunization Reporting FAQs

​1. Who needs t​o report?

All schools, public and private, with grades TK/Kindergarten or 7th are required to report.

For preschools, please report using your CDSS child care center preschool facility (license) number because the report reflects the immunization status of children ages 2–5 years. Facilities (PDF) with only licensed Family Home Care, Infant Centers, and School-Age Centers are to review the immunization status of their students but do not need to report.

For public preschools, please see the CA School Search Directory. See FAQ 4 for more details.

2. Ho​w do I sign up to re​​port for my facility or school?

Please go to the CAIR Hub homepage and follow instructions for registration. You will need to register for a CAIR Hub account, set up a user profile, and will then be able to see the Immunization Reporting application on your dashboard whenever you log in (SCRL users can use their existing CAIR Hub log in information). 

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Click on the “Start Reporting” button on the Immunization Reporting application.
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3. Which grades do sch​​​ools report on for the 2023–2024 school year?

Schools will report on the immunization status of students in transitional kindergarten/kindergarten and students in 7th grade. Reporting will not include students in 1st and 8th grade.

4. Do I need my facility number/​school code to report and how do I find it?

Not necessarily. The new reporting site allows you to search for a facility/school in different ways. If you do not know the school code or facility number, select the county in which the school/facility is located from the Select County field dropdown list. AND, either enter part or all of the school/facility name in the Enter Name field and/or enter part or all of the address of the school/facility in the Enter Address field. Then click on the magnifying glass search icon or press the “Enter" key. It may help to use fewer search variables if you do not see your facility/school at first, and then filter the results.

For preschools, the facility number is your 9-digit Child Care/ Preschool Facility number from the California Department of Social Services (CDSS) - Community Care Licensing (CCLD). For child cares, use your Child Care Center Preschool/ Day Care Center facility number.

For public preschools, please see the CA School Search Directory and FAQ 5. 

For schools with grades TK/K or 7th, educational agencies are assigned a 14-digit county-district-school (CDS) code by the California Department of Education (CDE). Your school code is the last 7 digits of the 14-digit CDS code.

5. What if I have both a CDE​ and a CDSS code?

If you are a public preschool and have both a CDE and CDSS code, you will need to login and assign both the preschool and school to your account if they aren’t already. You can check using your CDE code (last 7 digits) whether you have a preschool associated with it by assigning the school in the reporting site and then seeing if the Pre-K cohort is listed. Students should not be reported on twice. You will need to submit a report for all students in one cohort under only one facility/code, and then report the other facility/code as closed for the year using the dropdown menu. If you do not report for both facilities, one of your facilities may be counted as delinquent.

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6. Where do I update facility/school infor​​mation?

Facility/school information, such as the administrative email address, can only be edited by child care facilities and schools through CDSS and CDE. Our system refreshes their updates every week. Designated contacts can be updated through the reporting site; please note these changes are not sent to CDSS and CDE by our reporting site.​

7. How do I update contact information and receive reporting communications? 

Only registered users can edit contacts for immunization reporting and receive reporting communications. CDPH uses the contacts in the Immunization Reporting application to send communications. You can also check  Shots for School ( for any updates. ​

8. Why is my school or child care/preschool missing? 

If your preschool is licensed through CDSS as a “Child Care Center Preschool/Day Care Center” or school is registered through CDE as serving grades required for reporting, you should be able to find your facility/school in the reporting site. For preschools, you can confirm your license status by checking CDSS Search for a Licensed Facility. For schools and public preschools, you can confirm your school is in active status and which grades are served/offered by checking the California School Directory (CA Dept of Education). For corrections, public preschools/schools should contact their CDS coordinator and private schools should contact Updates to CDE and CDSS directories will be reflected in our site within a week or two -- please check the reporting site then to see if your school/preschool is listed. Updates to CDE and CDSS directories that were made after November 15 will not show up in the reporting site this reporting year​.​

9. Why do I keep getting logged out, or why is my school/facility search not working?

The following technical troubleshooting tips may help: use Chrome or Edge browser; clear your cache and cookies; and/or enable cookies in your browser settings.​

10. What do I do if my school/facility is closed, does not have students in that grade/age group, or is a homeschool with less than 6 students this reporting season? 

Facilities/schools appear in our reporting site if they are registered through CDSS or CDE as serving students in those ages or grades. If you are contacted to report but do not have students in those ages or grades, please login and use​ the dropdown menu to select why you have no students to report on AND contact CDSS or CDE to update your grade span, enrollment numbers, or to be permanently removed from the directory. Homeschools with less than 6 students this year should enter 0 and select “Closed."

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11. How do I know you received my submission? 

When you submit a report, school contacts will receive a confirmation email. You can also check you submitted your report by logging back into the reporting site. Look for a green Completed icon next to the facility/school under report status on your assigned schools/facilities list.

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12.Who will receive email notifications when reports are submitted?​​

When a user submits or edits a report, a confirmation email will be sent to:

  • staff that have the school/facility assigned to them,
  • staff that submitted the report, 
  • school/facility's Administrator, and  
  • school/facility's Designated Contact(s)​

13. How do I correct a mistake I made on my submitted report or update the immunization status of students? 

Changes can be made up until reporting closes. Log in again, select the school from your assigned list of schools, click Edit, update your information, and click Submit Report.​​

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